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August 2010

Some quick numbers!

August 17, 2010

Hey guys!  I’m getting ready for school but realized it’s been a while since i’ve posted.  Here’s some fun statistics for ya. HIV Prevalence Rate in Lesotho: about 24% HIV Prevalence Rate for 16-48 year olds: 48% Peace Corps volunteers: about 90 Students at my school: 180 My typical class size: 30(very small i’m lucky) […]

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A pep talk to fellow volunteers(myself mostly) on the long-term efficacy of sustainability

August 1, 2010

Unfortunately there’s a lot of talk going on in our program questioning whether or not secondary education projects fit the image of ‘sustainability’ for Lesotho. For anyone that doesn’t quite know, sustainability means…well, honestly, i have no idea, but it’ something along the lines of making sure that the impact you have continues after you […]

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