by ryan on June 16, 2011

Woke up this morning and it was cold, like normal.  Stupid cold, but I’m well past that affecting my wake-up ceremony.  There was a beautiful lunar eclipse last night that i was fortunate to see from start to finish.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so i watched the shadow of the earth slowly creep over the moon until it turned red.  Beautiful.

So i woke up at about 6:30 still in a good mood.  Rolled out of bed staying within the confines of my sleeping bag and walked around my rondavel…honoring the penguins as I waddled from point a to point B doing my morning rituals.  The sun was just rising(weird when during the summer it starts getting light before 5:00am.  I was going to go down to the lowlands with Khotso to keep him company while he ran some errands, but decided to be lazy instead.  I sent him a text asking to count me out for the trip.  I enjoyed some piping hot oatmeal with some instant coffee, and was feeling pretty good.

Later, i got a call from the peace corps office saying they needed some help with my vacation form i had submitted.  I had sent two files, one was less legible than the other, and the person was given the illegible one.  I told him I would mail it to him when i got a chance, but I would have to go to Khotso’s house to get the modem.

On my way to khotso’s, I met a man who looked like a Black Russian Cosmonaut who was getting ready to fight some ghosts.  It was my good friend Leketla, an Agricultural Extension Officer for the area.  He was getting ready to go “spray some cows” with his ghostbuster device.  I didn’t inquire as to the details, although I now regret this.  I did, however, mention that I was looking for a Pig for a 4th of July party that Khotso and I are hosting to celebrate all things America.  Tom threw what was perhaps, for me, the best 4th of July party ever at his place last year, and there is really no better way to honor him than to go all out America style for the 4th.  Leketla told me he has some leads and would let me know what he finds out.

I retrieved the modem from Khotso’s house, and then came home.  Checked my e-mail and besides some spam from a compromised peace corps volunteer’s address(“Win the sexuality!  And forget about Impotence!”[she apparently knows me better than I thought]) found out i’m doing site visit for some of the new volunteers.  I’m excited…it’s always fun to share my site…as i’m pretty sure it’s the best(all pcvs say theirs is the best…but mine is the grand canyon to their “worlds largest balls of twain”).  It will be on the 24th-28th of June.  I’m looking forward to meeting some fresh volunteers…they are always so positive, it’s good for us oldies to take in some of their positive energy, listen to their ideas, and be silently amused at how we ourselves were once in their position…these positive, energetic, and yet-to-be-jaded newbs. 😛

Got the email sent to Mohale(the one who called me in the morning) and got everything taken care of…checked my Facebook and a good returned peace corps friend of mine who shares knowledge of the greatness that is Rural Northern Michigan had sent me a quick message, giving me a mailing address that i had asked for and mentioning that she reads my blog.  I decided i was neglecting my blog and needed to write.

I didn’t really know what to write…so, here I sit, sprawled out on my bed half under the covers, writing about the last 4 hours of life, for lack of anything much more interesting.  Thank Sammy for motivating me to do a post!

(Just to confirm, Leketla really did look like a Black Russian Ghostbuster, jetpack-style spraypack on his back, bundled up, wearing a thick woolen cap…if anyone were to pick 3 words…those would be the ones.)

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