RPCV In Lesotho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ryan on January 5, 2012

DONESIES! I got my ‘R’ (RPCV—for Returned) on December 21! It was a surreal feeling…filling out paperwork with parker…getting it done…and then going right back to my normal life in Lesotho, even though i’m not technically a volunteer anymore. I spent christmas in the south and had a great time meeting a number of the newer volunteers…in other words my replacements. It’s a good group…I suppose Lesotho is gonna be okay after we up and leave…

Parker and I are busy trying to get our nearly 20 year old bikes into their best running order…opening up the engines and grinding the valves to ensure compression isn’t being lost…by grinding the valves we will be making sure we get the best fuel mileage possible…plus it’s fun…stressful but the problem solving is pretty awesome(so long as we can actually solve our problems)…which so far we’re doing okay…learning lots about mechanics and elbow grease.

We have a website up for the trip…it’s www.africa3deep.com. We are going to be working over the next few days to get this thing going.

Nate is currently held up building bridges at his site…classic peace corps cliche…the money just came into his account to get the job done and he should be done with the project in the next week…after which he will(hopefully) close his service and we can get started on the trip. It’s cutting it close but his village really will benefit from his work here…as many students show up to school soaked from head to toe treading through the dangerous waters that must be crossed to get around at his site. Tentatively we are expecting a departure date of around Jan. 20…but this is africa and anything is possible. Parker and I aren’t complaining as this is giving us a great chance to get adequately prepared and to ensure that everything is running perfectly.

If anyone is curious, our bikes are ’93 Suzuki Bandit GSF 400s which have been modified with dual sport tires and raised suspension to help us out if we need to do some off-road riding. They are beautiful bikes but a touch over the hill…so we’ve been busy trying to get them running like they did the day they were born…which i’m pretty sure we can do. We might just be the first(slash dumbest) guys ever to take such bikes through the rugged terrain of africa…so it will indeed be a one of a kind adventure…i’m sure we’re going to have some amazing stories to share…i’m so excited!

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Momma bear January 5, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I told you to get a earring, you said , “thats not for me mom.” I told you to get a tattoo, you said,”thats fine on others but i don’t want one mom.” I told you not to go to Africa, you said, ” goodbye.” I told you that you could never have a motorcycle, and you said,” guess what I bought mom? ” The tattoo and earring were a strategy to keep you from getting them. It worked. I should of told you to go to Africa and ride around on a motorcycle. Dam!!! Forgot the basics of parenting 101…boy am I a bad Mom. Don’t forget my facelift when you get out of med school. Every wrinkle you have put on my face you are going to pay to have taken off. I love you , now don’t rush home, get in lots of trouble, eat food that’s bad for you, don’t brush you teeth or shower, and dance with all the girls you want.

Meredith January 5, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Momma Bear, I like the way you think! Can I ditto your last comments?!

Ryan, Nate, & Parker……….be well & safe travels!

SUSAN WHITENER January 12, 2012 at 7:30 am

Enjoy your well deserved trip! Great job ! But Be careful. It sounds wonderful but scarey for a Mom. Jen is planning a few related zoo trips to Borneo or Africa..thats enough for a Mom to worry about.

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