A year in America

by ryan on February 18, 2013

Wow. Staying true to slacker form, it’s been a year since the last update. Currently my socks are being viciously attacked by my little sister’s Chihuahua, so forgive me if this post is no good. America…so full of distractions.

My last year in a nutshell: Africa farewell trip was the trip of a lifetime, I got accepted to medical school at UTHSC San Antonio, and got a job on an oil rig!(putting it in such a condensed manner makes it sound pretty cool, but no worries, I’ve been perfectly useless to society in all other ways since my last post.)

I can’t wait to contribute to something. I’ve no doubt got Edward Abbey churning up some soil in Moab at the moment with my job selection, but I actually feel really good about it. My training was a blast, and i’m working with some really good, salt of the earth kind of folks. There was a lot of talk about guns, ‘coons, trucks, and country music(you mean i have to learn ANOTHER language!?), and enough dip was consumed to keep a couple of plantations in business a few years…but the guys are good people, plain and simple, and were willing to take me under wing to show me the ropes in spite of my being a bit of a black sheep. I learned a lot…and it wasn’t all rigs, guns, and ‘coons, either. I envy the honest hearts of some of these guys. Here’s to hoping it’s contagious.

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